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Lynda and John Welsh were unhappy with their kitchen when they moved into the six-bedroom Northumberland prop­erty they call home. ‘Although fairly spacious, the decor was very bleak,’ reveals Lynda.
‘It looked out on to a dark courtyard and no amount of refurbishing could transform it into the bright, family space we wanted,’ she continues. The couple, who have two daughters, Ria, 11, and Ellie, eight, and two Labradors, Tessy and Molly, decided that the only solution was to move the kitchen to the front of the property.

The garage was in the perfect location – south-facing and overlooking their beautiful garden – so the couple would be able to enjoy the views and take full advantage of the natural light. ‘We also used that side of the house much more, so it all seemed logical,’ says Lynda.

John, who owns The Wheel Specialist in Newcastle, an alloy wheel refurbishment business, drew up the plans and once the garage was adapted, with windows and art deco-style mouldings, the couple went in search of a kitchen company.

‘I had my heart set on a contemporary scheme I’d seen in a brochure but accepted it would be too expensive for us. So we showed it to different companies to see which of them could do some­thing similar,’ explains Lynda. ‘I wanted a combi­nation of beautifully crafted walnut and oak cabinetry with rounded edges. I love curves so that became the theme of the design.’
Callerton was the only company to offer the couple what they wanted within their budget. The cabinetry decided on, Lynda and John asked designer Chris Wells to produce a relaxed family area and entertaining space. ‘We also wanted somewhere for the dogs to hang out. After all, they’re part of the family, too,’ laughs Lynda.
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a prep sink, butcher’s block and double fridge drawers, making it the perfect food preparation zone. It also includes a home for dogs Tessy and Molly in the form of two recessed beds.

Appliances have also been integrated into a tall walnut housing that is cunningly positioned between the double oak doors to a walk-in larder and the utility room. Finally, an impressive drinks cabinet and wine cooler fi lls another wall. The Welshes’ plan of moving the kitchen may have seemed complicated but they are reaping the rewards.

‘Now all that’s left is to turn our old kitchen into a garage, so we’ve some- where to put the car,’ smiles Lynda.
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