40 years of North-East kitchen design


40 years of North-East kitchen design

The year was 1982. Culture Club topped the charts and the only thing bigger than our hopes and aspirations was our hair!

It was also the year we officially opened Callerton Kitchens, meaning 2022 is our 40th birthday. That is no mean feat for an independent business, and it’s no accident either. We have built a successful business around one simple idea: helping you create your ideal kitchen.

We held a party for our cherished customers to mark our 40th anniversary and were delighted when one brought along their original quotation from us. They told us that they are still thrilled with the kitchen we installed 37 years ago – the best endorsement we could possibly get.

If you are looking for kitchens that are as durable as they are attractive, we are ideally placed to help you turn your vision into reality. Our clientele are people like us who understand the difference between price and value.

There is an old saying, “buy cheap, buy twice” and this is fundamentally true of kitchens. We take pride in providing furniture and fittings that are built to last, from worktops right down to cupboard hinges and drawer handles. Incorporating sustainable materials such as stone and wood, our kitchens combine long lasting surfaces and timeless, classic style.

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home – you spend a lot of time there so it’s worthwhile investing that little bit extra in it. It’s the room where old friends catch up over a cuppa, where the cool kids hang out at parties, where cakes are baked, and epic Sunday roasts are constructed. It’s a room where you make so many memories that it deserves to be a special place.

When it comes to affordable luxury kitchens or bespoke kitchens, we’re the experts, as our 40-year track record shows. It starts with understanding the available space and listening to what you want it to be. From there, our team of designers can bring your ideas to life. Kitchen design is our specialty, we help families realise their dreams every day.

We’ve built a sustainable business on these values, but today sustainability also has another meaning, as environmental concerns grow. Rest assured that we handpick our suppliers based not only on the quality and style of their products, but also their commitment to going green. This includes Hacker being the first kitchen manufacturer with a completely climate-neutral product portfolio to our manufacturing site in Sunderland installing a biomass boiler this year.

Most importantly, kitchens built to last have a lower carbon footprint as they have a far longer replacement cycle – as our satisfied customer of 37 years demonstrates.

So, if you’re looking for a new kitchen, talk to a North East kitchen company with 40 years of success under its belt.

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