Three Key Kitchen Trends for 2023


Three Key Kitchen Trends for 2023

Kitchens are the embodiment of what a home is for, combining living space with practicality and style.

Because the kitchen is often the heart of the house, it is a busy space and one that has to be functional – but it can also be fashionable too! This means that kitchen trends are not just about colours and materials but are often also about increasing efficiency and usability.

In  the first of a series of articles, we asked North East kitchen designer Michelle Pickstock for her thoughts on some of the key kitchen trends for 2023. Michelle is Senior Design Consultant at Callerton Kitchens and Interiors and an integral part of our team. If you’re thinking about transforming your kitchen, here are her three top trends for this year:

1. Join the dark side

This trend continues to gather pace and it’s easy to see why when you look at some of the results it delivers.

“Dark and moody colours such as black and very dark hues are going to be a strong trend moving forward,” says Michelle. “This creates an overall look that is striking, bold and dramatic. However, you don’t want it to be too stark. You can soften the impact by employing a layering effect such as mixing dark coloured furniture, worksurfaces and splashbacks.”

Using the right dark palette can soften the space, making a kitchen feel more roomy than it actually is. However, if you’re thinking about joining the dark side, talk to our design team first! Some kitchens in Newcastle and the North East do not get a lot of natural light. A dark aesthetic without good lighting can have the opposite effect by making your kitchen feel claustrophobic, so you might need to think about new lighting to properly show off your new kitchen. We’re going for spacious and sophisticated here, not witch’s workshop!

2. Talking textures

A major trend for this year is the increased use of textured and more tactile materials, which not only look great but feel incredible to the touch, too!

“2023 will see the emergence of tactile material finishes for both kitchen furniture and worksurfaces,” says Michelle. “We are talking timber finishes with strong visible grains, as well as characterful aged metals. For worksurfaces there will be some fantastic textured stone and concrete finishes available.”

3. Hidden pantries

This trend really encapsulates the two sides of a kitchen – form and function. You want everything to be within easy reach in your kitchen, but equally you don’t want your gorgeous new kitchen to be cluttered.

By fully exploiting clever design, you can hide your pantry goods in plain sight. Intelligent, bespoke design makes the best use of your space, while you can even go handle-free to disguise cupboard doors.

“There are increasingly innovative ways to hide all your pantry goods in a space that doesn’t impact your kitchen space, while also still being stylish and organised,” says Michelle.

Expert advice

Good design is such a crucial step in getting the perfect kitchen for you. Whether you want a modern or classic kitchen – or one that combines both, make sure you get independent expert advice on design before you make a buying decision. Need some inspiration? Take a look at some of the best kitchens we have installed, or read testimonials from some of our satisfied clients.

And when you’re ready, talk to professionals who have been providing kitchens in Newcastle and the North East for more than 40 years – our design team is on hand to help deliver your dream kitchen.

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