Appliance science


Appliance science

While a kitchen should always look good, it is also the room where a lot of the essential work gets doneto run your home. From creating and cooking to cleaning up afterwards, the right appliances are vital to success. Peter Nolan, director of sales at Callerton Kitchens, explains more in this article.

How do I choose the right essential appliances?

When creating a new kitchen, a good kitchen designer will take into account how you use this important space – for example, how it connects to other rooms, as well as how often you use it for cooking and entertaining.

Within that, it is important for the designer to understand how you use your oven, hob, fridge and dishwasher. Armed with this information they can ensure that you get the right appliances to support your needs.

Increasingly, incorporating smart technology is a consideration for kitchen appliances. Using smart tech can simplify the cooking process as well as making it more efficient. If we can combine that with a functional kitchen appliance that fits your aesthetic, then it’s a win-win scenario.

What other kitchen technologies should I be aware of?

If aesthetics is a priority, then think about Neff Collection ovens which provide client choice when it comes to the trims and handles which can blend in with your kitchen design. Their ‘’slide and hide’ oven doors provide an ability to save space and enhance your cooking experience.

They also are a great example of how smart technology can enhance the cooking process, as well as being able tolink to their Home Connect app for control from afar and system updates.

Another name to look for is Bora, who have revolutionised extraction with hob cooking. Their approach eliminates the need for the normal cooker hood, enabling you to place the hob almost anywhere in the kitchen. From a design perspective this gives us much more freedom and flexibility.

We hold regular cooking demonstrations with experts from Bora, Neff and Siemens to help our clients understand the science, the functions of their appliances and to get the most from their cooking.

Read more about our partners here.

What about other kitchen appliances like wine cabinets and coffee machines?

Kitchen wine cabinets can absolutely add a touch of elegance and style to any luxury kitchen.First and foremost, wine cabinets offer more precise temperature control for your wine, essential for preserving quality and taste. So,it’s ready to enjoy at a moment’s notice.

Coffee machines have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, meaning it’s never been easier to perfect your favourite coffee at home – a great way to start each day!

At Callerton Kitchens, we offer the same level of expert advice for these additional appliances as we do for ovens and dishwashers.

How do I know if an appliance is right for our kitchen?

Somecustomers have a fixed idea of what they want before talking to Callerton Kitchens, but usually most clients need our help and guidance. In our showrooms, almost all of the appliances on display are working models. This means that we can demonstrate almost any function or requirement.

We can utilise our knowledge to cook a healthy and tasteful dish to demonstrate how easy the appliance is to use. This is a great way for us to involve the client, get them using the appliance and give them complete confidence that they are making the right choice. It also helps break down that barrier of concern that they won’t know how to use an appliance when it is fitted as part of a new kitchen – they’ve already had their hands on it.

Where can I find out more information?

You can find inspiration for your kitchen here. Or contact us for a friendly chat.


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