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We’re officially the home of award-winning kitchen design!

We’re delighted and super-proud to reveal that we’ve won an industry award!

Peter Nolan, Director of Sales at Callerton Kitchens & Interiors, won the Kitchen Designer of the Year (up to £25,000) category at the Kbsa Designer Awards! This is a huge honour as the Kbsa Designer Awards are judged by our industry peers. They are truly transparent, with anonymous judging so that everyone has a fair chance of winning.

What is the Kbsa? It’s the leading trade association for independent kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and office retailers like us! Hundreds of local independent kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and home office retailers across the UK are Kbsa members, dedicated to upholding the association’s high standards of design, supply, installation and customer service. All Kbsa members follow an Approved Code of Conduct and are subject to strict monitoring to make sure you get the best professional service available. This award is from our peers and is a gold standard in the kitchen sector, so it’s a real feather in our cap.

The Winning Design

The Kbsa Kitchen Designer of the Year (upto £25k) was a hotly contested category, so how did we bring this trophy back to the North East? Let us explain:

Peter designed a multifunctional living space in the new extension of a large, family home. He designed a beautiful space to cook, dine, entertain and just chill out, in a space with predetermined electrics and water services.

“It was a substantial detached property, five-bed for a large family,” says Peter. “They had built an extension and wanted it to be a single space for cooking, dining, entertaining and living.

“It was an unusual one as the client had already had the extension built, so we had to design to fit that space. It’s more typical that we have input prior to this stage, so that the extension is built to suit the space they want. For example, the waste pipe and the electrical feed was already in place, we had to work with that as the appliance locations were already fixed. We also had to be mindful of which way everything was facing, in terms of door and window locations. This all presents its own unique design challenges – but we relish a challenge!

The contemporary kitchen is from the Callerton Contemporary range with black gold slate colours and a dark ceramic finish – then a super matte cashmere neutral colour to finish the rest of the room.

“While the colour palette we chose is dark, which is very on trend and here to stay, there is plenty of light coming in from the bifold glass doors, so it works really well,” adds Peter.“The ceiling lighting leant itself really well to an island kitchen design, too – but we had to make sure we got the location just right.”

First of Many

We’re so proud of Peter and the team that delivered this award-winning project. It means so much to everyone especially as this is a first for Callerton Kitchens & Interiors, we’re delighted! Hopefully there are many more to come in the future.

If you want your kitchen designed by our award-winners, contact us.


Finishing touches and accessories for your kitchen

Great kitchen design isn’t just about making the best use of space or following the latest trends. The finishing touches to your kitchen can take it to a whole new level – but it takes an experienced designer with an eye for detail to pull it off.

The key components of a kitchen rightly deserve a lot of attention, from cupboards and appliances through to worktops. However, if want your kitchen to really pop, the devil is absolutely in the detail.

Francis Russell Senior Design Consultant at Callerton Kitchens, says: “Finishing touches such as handles, taps, sinks and lighting can make or break a design. Get them wrong and your kitchen can look a complete mess – whereas in the hands of a good designer, finishing touches can make it stand out for all the right reasons.We can change the entire look of a kitchen with a few accessories – and this can really give it a unique aspect, too.”

One of the biggest ways of creating a bespoke ambience is lighting. “How you use lighting can transform the mood of an entire room, such as introducing lighting within the channel handle or plinths as well as feature lighting under or in cabinetry,” adds Francis.

Key trends

As with other aspects of kitchen design, there are always some accessories that are currently right on trend. “We’re definitely seeing a move towards larger sinks as a practical aid to those who love cooking at home,” says Francis. “Matching metals are also still very fashionable, for example ensuring handles match the taps, sinks and ovens, giving a really unified look and feel.

“Warm metals are still very much in vogue, as well as darker colours like gun metal and black. They can be really striking and characterful. Increasingly people want their kitchen to say more about them and these metallics are definitely on trend in terms of helping your kitchen to make a real statement as well as longevity in styling.

“Another design trend is the contrast between darker surfaces and bronze or brass finished handles – maybe even with matching sink strainer and taps – can look fantastic.”

But it’s not just about the look of the handles – texture is also coming into play. “We have an increasing range of textures that we can incorporate into a kitchen,” adds Francis. “One of our exclusive suppliers recently introduced handles with a hammered finish so you get a wonderfully dappled effect of light and shade on them.

“They also offer a bamboo effectas well as reeded handles, again both adding a really rich texture that bring something very different to a kitchen.”

Bespoke look

For those who want a completely bespoke look, Callerton Kitchens has the in-house capability to powder coatchannel handles any colour. “This gives you the option to fully match the colour of the cupboard doors, or to use the handles to add some real contrast,” says Francis.

“You can also mix and match, such as combining bar and T-shaped handles on different doors. T-shaped handles have been a trend in the past and it is definitely coming back around right now.

“Increasingly our clientele in the North East want bespoke elements to their kitchen. Something different like hexagonal shaped handles – another way to differentiate from the classic round bar.”

Expert advice

The key to unlocking all the benefits that accessories can offer is to place yourselves in the hands of a true design expert.“These little details are so important and only a good designer will pick up on them,” says Francis.

“We work with clients who give us a very clear brief and that can often really inspire us to enhance their vision with the right accessories. On the other hand, we can also surprise and delight customers who are more function-focused with the impact of accessories.

“I love to make a mess in the showroom by bringing out all the samples and examples of handles and taps and so forth. To me it’s incredibly important for clients to feel them as well as see them up close, not just incorporated into a design. These are integral parts of the kitchen that will be there for many years, so our view is, let’s give them the time they deserve, too.”

Book an appointment

To find out more about our accessories and finishing touches, call into our Newcastle and Berwick showrooms, or contact us to book an appointment.


Where Do I Start When Buying a New Kitchen

Whether you’ve done hours of research and know exactly what you want, or your dream kitchen is still a blank canvas, a designer will help deliver it. Mandy Grimwood, showroom manager at Callerton Kitchens in Berwick, explains more.

A ‘big shed’ kitchen retailer can offer you a limited range of options and that might mean sacrificing some of your desires in order to fit their business model. If you want a kitchen that ticks all your boxes in terms of look, feel and practicality, then don’t compromise! Start your journey by talking to a local independent.

The process is very individual because everybody is different and has different expectations and varying degrees of knowledge,” says Mandy. “However, the starting place for everyone is, find someone with experience in kitchen design and project management. A good kitchen retailer will have experts who can guide you on making the right choices and be with you throughout the journey.

No two customers are exactly alike but there is a spectrum on which all clients fall. At one end is the person who has done extensive research and perhaps has been through this process before, so they have a clearer idea of what they want. At the other end is someone who isn’t quite sure what they want and needs expert help. You might be one of these personas or fall somewhere in between.

Well Researched

“I do see customers who have done a lot of research or googled a lot of things and has sometimes a very strong idea of the kitchen they want,” adds Mandy. “In these cases, it is down to me to incorporate those ideas into a kitchen design for them. However, sometimes we have to give alternatives and explain why we have done so. We can give someone a dream kitchen but not an impossible kitchen!

“We have to consider the layout, the aesthetics and the practicalities of a kitchen, but usually we can deliver what the customer wants. For example, right now I’m working on a kitchen that will be completely symmetrical, which is a different challenge but one we’re embracing.

Looking for Guidance

“We also do see a lot of people who are still looking for guidance or inspiration of varying degrees. Some have an idea on style or aesthetic or have specific practical requirements. Others are completely a blank canvas.

“A big part of my job is therefore showing people examples in our showroom and gauge from their responses which way they’re leaning. It’s important to take time over this stage and really delve into what the customer wants. Rather than overwhelm them or bog them down, we start with the layout and colours – the rest will fall into place organically thereafter.”

However, there is one area where every client should have a firm idea before walking into a Callerton Kitchens showroom. “It is important to be clear up front on available budget for the kitchen,” says Mandy. “As designers we can spend a lot of time creating a kitchen, but if it’s not where it needs to be in terms of budget then it’s not going to be viable for the client.”

Talk to Us

At Callerton Kitchens our ethos is to place design at the heart of creating your dream kitchen.

Please get in touch to request a brochure or book a friendly chat with Mandy or one of our other designers.


Three hot kitchen design trends for 2023

Want your new kitchen to be totally on-trend? Here are three more kitchen design concepts that are making waves in 2023.

Nowhere in your home is the combination of form and function more important than in your kitchen.

Your kitchen needs to be practical as it is often the busiest room in the home – and of course, you also want it to look its best.

Earlier this year we caught up with North East kitchen designer Michelle Pickstock for her insights into three kitchen trends that are hot this year – now she’s brought another three to the table!

Michelle is the Senior Design Consultant at Callerton Kitchens and Interiors, providing a high quality and personal service for a huge range of kitchen and interior projects. Here are her latest three top trends for kitchens this year:

1. (Not) Heavy Metal

Metallics are certainly making a statement again, ideally used as an accent element. This could be cupboard doors finished in a special lacquer to imitate stainless steel; but also worksurfaces and splashbacks that make use of real copper and brass in antique finishes for a classic and timeless look.

In fact, we’ve recently installed an antique brass splashback in our newest display at our Newcastle kitchen showroom, so call in and see it for yourselves.

2. Painted Kitchens

The timeless appeal of painted kitchens is once again coming to the fore, which is great to see.

Painted kitchen furniture has the advantages of an unlimited colour palette, meaning your imagination is the only limitation. Painted kitchens also have greater longevity as they can be repainted in years to come to give a fresh or completely different look.

Our latest new display at our Newcastle showroomcombines dark plum and pale pink hues – I think it’s beautiful!We also offer a bespoke paint colour service for our painted range.

3. Reeded Glass

Reeded glass is also making a strong comeback as an accent material in kitchen design – and if used correctly it can have a real impact on your kitchen.

One way we’ve been incorporating it into designs is as a stylish, contemporary upgrade to a glass wall cabinet or dresser.

This is definitely one you need to see with your own eyes.

Design Experts

Callerton Kitchens has been creating the perfect kitchens for clients for over 40 years and one of the reasons for our continued success is that we put design at the heart of the process.

From your first visit to our showrooms through to finishing touches to your design, our expert and talented teams are right there with you. They will transform your ideas into a kitchen that combines the best of beauty and practicality, fully deserving of its place as the heart of your home.

Please get in touch to request a brochure or book a friendly chat with Michelle or one of our other designers.


Kitchens in Newcastle and the North-East can come in all shapes and sizes -so making the most of your space goes right to the core of good kitchen design. Peter Nolan, Director of Sales for Callerton Kitchens, offers his advice on how to get it right.