Where Do I Start When Buying a New Kitchen


Where Do I Start When Buying a New Kitchen

Whether you’ve done hours of research and know exactly what you want, or your dream kitchen is still a blank canvas, a designer will help deliver it. Mandy Grimwood, showroom manager at Callerton Kitchens in Berwick, explains more.

A ‘big shed’ kitchen retailer can offer you a limited range of options and that might mean sacrificing some of your desires in order to fit their business model. If you want a kitchen that ticks all your boxes in terms of look, feel and practicality, then don’t compromise! Start your journey by talking to a local independent.

The process is very individual because everybody is different and has different expectations and varying degrees of knowledge,” says Mandy. “However, the starting place for everyone is, find someone with experience in kitchen design and project management. A good kitchen retailer will have experts who can guide you on making the right choices and be with you throughout the journey.

No two customers are exactly alike but there is a spectrum on which all clients fall. At one end is the person who has done extensive research and perhaps has been through this process before, so they have a clearer idea of what they want. At the other end is someone who isn’t quite sure what they want and needs expert help. You might be one of these personas or fall somewhere in between.

Well Researched

“I do see customers who have done a lot of research or googled a lot of things and has sometimes a very strong idea of the kitchen they want,” adds Mandy. “In these cases, it is down to me to incorporate those ideas into a kitchen design for them. However, sometimes we have to give alternatives and explain why we have done so. We can give someone a dream kitchen but not an impossible kitchen!

“We have to consider the layout, the aesthetics and the practicalities of a kitchen, but usually we can deliver what the customer wants. For example, right now I’m working on a kitchen that will be completely symmetrical, which is a different challenge but one we’re embracing.

Looking for Guidance

“We also do see a lot of people who are still looking for guidance or inspiration of varying degrees. Some have an idea on style or aesthetic or have specific practical requirements. Others are completely a blank canvas.

“A big part of my job is therefore showing people examples in our showroom and gauge from their responses which way they’re leaning. It’s important to take time over this stage and really delve into what the customer wants. Rather than overwhelm them or bog them down, we start with the layout and colours – the rest will fall into place organically thereafter.”

However, there is one area where every client should have a firm idea before walking into a Callerton Kitchens showroom. “It is important to be clear up front on available budget for the kitchen,” says Mandy. “As designers we can spend a lot of time creating a kitchen, but if it’s not where it needs to be in terms of budget then it’s not going to be viable for the client.”

Talk to Us

At Callerton Kitchens our ethos is to place design at the heart of creating your dream kitchen.

Please get in touch to request a brochure or book a friendly chat with Mandy or one of our other designers.

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