Finishing touches and accessories for your kitchen


Finishing touches and accessories for your kitchen

Great kitchen design isn’t just about making the best use of space or following the latest trends. The finishing touches to your kitchen can take it to a whole new level – but it takes an experienced designer with an eye for detail to pull it off.

The key components of a kitchen rightly deserve a lot of attention, from cupboards and appliances through to worktops. However, if want your kitchen to really pop, the devil is absolutely in the detail.

Francis Russell Senior Design Consultant at Callerton Kitchens, says: “Finishing touches such as handles, taps, sinks and lighting can make or break a design. Get them wrong and your kitchen can look a complete mess – whereas in the hands of a good designer, finishing touches can make it stand out for all the right reasons.We can change the entire look of a kitchen with a few accessories – and this can really give it a unique aspect, too.”

One of the biggest ways of creating a bespoke ambience is lighting. “How you use lighting can transform the mood of an entire room, such as introducing lighting within the channel handle or plinths as well as feature lighting under or in cabinetry,” adds Francis.

Key trends

As with other aspects of kitchen design, there are always some accessories that are currently right on trend. “We’re definitely seeing a move towards larger sinks as a practical aid to those who love cooking at home,” says Francis. “Matching metals are also still very fashionable, for example ensuring handles match the taps, sinks and ovens, giving a really unified look and feel.

“Warm metals are still very much in vogue, as well as darker colours like gun metal and black. They can be really striking and characterful. Increasingly people want their kitchen to say more about them and these metallics are definitely on trend in terms of helping your kitchen to make a real statement as well as longevity in styling.

“Another design trend is the contrast between darker surfaces and bronze or brass finished handles – maybe even with matching sink strainer and taps – can look fantastic.”

But it’s not just about the look of the handles – texture is also coming into play. “We have an increasing range of textures that we can incorporate into a kitchen,” adds Francis. “One of our exclusive suppliers recently introduced handles with a hammered finish so you get a wonderfully dappled effect of light and shade on them.

“They also offer a bamboo effectas well as reeded handles, again both adding a really rich texture that bring something very different to a kitchen.”

Bespoke look

For those who want a completely bespoke look, Callerton Kitchens has the in-house capability to powder coatchannel handles any colour. “This gives you the option to fully match the colour of the cupboard doors, or to use the handles to add some real contrast,” says Francis.

“You can also mix and match, such as combining bar and T-shaped handles on different doors. T-shaped handles have been a trend in the past and it is definitely coming back around right now.

“Increasingly our clientele in the North East want bespoke elements to their kitchen. Something different like hexagonal shaped handles – another way to differentiate from the classic round bar.”

Expert advice

The key to unlocking all the benefits that accessories can offer is to place yourselves in the hands of a true design expert.“These little details are so important and only a good designer will pick up on them,” says Francis.

“We work with clients who give us a very clear brief and that can often really inspire us to enhance their vision with the right accessories. On the other hand, we can also surprise and delight customers who are more function-focused with the impact of accessories.

“I love to make a mess in the showroom by bringing out all the samples and examples of handles and taps and so forth. To me it’s incredibly important for clients to feel them as well as see them up close, not just incorporated into a design. These are integral parts of the kitchen that will be there for many years, so our view is, let’s give them the time they deserve, too.”

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