How long will my kitchen installation take?


How long will my kitchen installation take?

Good things come to those who wait – but no one likes to wait forever! This is why we work hard to help every client understand how long their kitchen installation will take.

Almost every kitchen installation is different, depending on the size of the room, complexity of design, the units and appliances chosen, and the worktop or splashback materials used. You should also factor in time for the removal of your existing kitchen and additional time at the end of the project as we aim for perfection with your new kitchen.

Callerton Kitchens has been around for more than 40 years because we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. People come to us from across Newcastle and the North East for quality – and quality takes time. The kitchens we design and install will last for decades, so it’s worth being patient for a few extra days while we take the same care over your kitchen installation as we do with every other step of the process.

Key steps

Our designers will work closely with you to create your kitchen and their can be a sense of trepidation when they hand you over to our installation teams. But there’s no reason to be apprehensive, as we have experienced, specialist installers who have worked with us for years and know our products inside out. Together with the internal team they will make your design come to life.

The first step is removing your old kitchen, typically the week before we install the new one. This requires you to empty all cupboards and shelves as well as remove wallpaper.

This is to allow first fix electrical and plumbing work – making sure your appliances have the right connections in the right places – followed by replastering as required.

After all the preparation, it will usually take our team three to five days to fit the main units in your kitchen. If you specified laminate worktops, we will usually fit them the same week. If you are having solid surface worktops, this process takes up to two weeks, as the team needs to take precise measurements once the units are installed – this is known in the trade as “templating”.

From this point, our priority is to get you a working kitchen, so the focus will be on connecting your main appliances so you can start using them. However, we would advise you not to start moving items into your cupboards and drawers at this point as there will still be sawdust and airborne dust settling.

The final stage is finishing off, checking all work meets our high-quality standards, and carrying out remedial works as required. While we make every effort to keep this final phase as short as possible, it can require multiple visits over several weeks.

Communication is the key

Throughout the installation of your kitchen, our team will endeavour to meet or exceed your expectations. We have found through experience that a vital ingredient in this process is good communications between you and the team. If you have any queries or concerns at any stage, please raise them immediately. Every client’s priorities differ, and we want to make sure that the way we work aligns with what you need. So don’t be shy, talk to us. If we don’t know about an issue, we can’t fix it!

Equally, if you need to put back your installation for any reason, please make us aware as soon as possible and we will find a solution for you.

From our side, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive schedule of works so you’re fully prepared and aware of when to expect us at your home, and will immediately inform you if there’s any unexpected changes.

As an independent kitchen supplier we stand or fall on the quality of our customers’ experiences. We’ve got 40 years of expertise in ensuring that you get a quality service from design and installation through to handover. We don’t rush any aspect of the process because it needs to be right.

So, the short answer to is, we can’t tell you up front exactly how long your kitchen installation will take, because your kitchen is unique. But what we can tell you is, you can buy a kitchen from us with complete confidence that we’ll install it professionally, with care, and in the timeliest manner possible.

Talk to us to arrange a consultation for your dream kitchen.


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