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Kitchens in Newcastle and the North-East can come in all shapes and sizes -so making the most of your space goes right to the core of good kitchen design. Peter Nolan, Director of Sales for Callerton Kitchens, offers his advice on how to get it right.


How much does a new kitchen cost? Well, it’s a bit like the old question, how long is a piece of string! It entirely depends on what you want. In our experience, the best way to approach this is from the other side of the issue. Ask yourself: how much do you want to spend?


The kitchen is often the heart of the house, it is a busy space and one that has to be functional – but it can also be fashionable too! This means that kitchen trends are not just about colours and materials but are often also about increasing efficiency and usability.


The year was 1982. Culture Club topped the charts and the only thing bigger than our hopes and aspirations was our hair! It was also the year we officially opened Callerton Kitchens, meaning 2022 is our 40th birthday. That is no mean feat for an independent business, and it’s no accident either. We have built a successful business around one simple idea: helping you create your ideal kitchen.